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We were at our neighbour’s birthday party, Linda and Robert, it was Roberts birthday, my wife Claire had been there early on helping Linda to get things ready.

As both me and Robert were working, Claire is 5ft 7, 36b, shoulder length red hair, green eyes, and slight freckles small upturned nose and very kissable lips, and Oh such a lovely ass, with legs that seem to go on forever, I am 6ft, and about 14 stone, Linda is the same size as Claire with long light brown hair blue eyes.

Robert is also 6ft about 15 or 16 stone, there were about 10 or 12 of us at this party with lots of drink, food, music, and dancing, all in all a very good party at about 2am every one had drifted off home leaving leaving just the 4 of us we were just ready to go home when Linda asked Claire to give her a hand putting some things away, me & Robert gave a hand as well, then we all sat down and had another drink, talking about how the party had gone we were all pleased.

As Claire walked past Robert he put his hands around her waist and said he had not had his birthday kiss holding her very close he kissed her fully on the lips and ran his hands all over her body, Claire kissed him back, I heard a small moan escape her lips and knew she was enjoying the kiss, they started to move against each other, it really looked like they were dry fucking, Linda came over to me and said if they are enjoying themselves we should as well, as Linda kissed me she put my hand onto her breast and put her hand over my cock, I was already hard just watching my wife with Robert, Linda pushed me down into the chair, and knelt in front of me taking out my stiff hard cock, licking and sucking, it did not take long when I knew I was going to cum, I told Linda she had to stop as I was going to cum she just gripped me tighter licking and sucking even faster and harder, as the first spurt smashed into the roof of her mouth followed by about 5 or 6 more spurts, Linda got up showing me, Claire, and Robert her mouth full of my cum before she swallowed it all.

Linda said it was Claire’s turn with Robert, well I nearly cum again when I heard Claire agree, I had always known Claire was very good at giving blow jobs, the difference this time was after Robert had filled Claire’s mouth she stood up passed some of Roberts cum into each of our mouths kissing us at the same time , she seemed to kiss Linda the longest and me the shortest of time.

We all had a little break as we had more drinks and Linda asked us if we had any limits well that threw me as I did not know what they had in mind, Linda asked Claire if she had ever been with 2 men at once and had she ever had anal, Claire said she never had, and I told her the same,Linda ask us if we wanted to try it, I looked at Claire and smiled and nodded, Claire said she would try it, Linda said that her, Robert and me would do it first to let Claire know it was Ok, and Robert had to fuck Linda in the ass first as they had done it many times.

Roberts stiff hard cock easily slid into Linda’s ass Linda was used to a cock in her ass, she then told me to fuck her as she needed two cocks right now, as I put my cock into Linda`s open wet swollen pussy I could feel Roberts cock in her ass, we got into a rhythm as he pulled out I pushed in, Linda was telling us both to fuck her harder and faster,I looked at my wife she was sitting on the chair with her feet up playing with her pussy watching the 3 of us, after the 3 of us had cum we just lay there in the pool of cum and sweat, waiting to recover, Linda asked Claire if she wanted to try it, Oh yes she smiled.

Linda said as it was Claire’s first time being fucked in the ass Robert had to do it, Linda and Robert licked there fingers and started to open Claire’s ass, then Linda held my cock and slowly guided me into Clair’s ass, It took a few times as Claire could not relax, once I was fully inside her ass Robert put his cock into my wife’s pussy I could feel his cock entering her pussy that nearly made me cum, it did not take long and I knew Claire was going to have an orgasm, she stiffened up her head went back and her eyes rolled up into her head her mouth was open but no sound, as the orgasm took over her body it was too much for me and I shot my spunk into her, the other thing that tipped my over was the fact this was the first time I had seen someone else fuck my wife.

After we all recovered Linda asked how did we feel, we both said we had enjoyed it.

That was the first of many weekends with Robert and Linda.

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