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I asked Daddy to take me to the Mall the week before Christmas, so I could see Santa. I put on my short plaid skirt thigh high stockings, just to the bottom of my skirt and a white blouse with 3 buttons undone, no bra or panties. I planned it during the weekday because I knew there wouldn’t be many kids with parents during that time.

We got there and there was no line at Santa’s so I told Daddy I’d be right back and he told me to meet him at a certain store when I was done. I skipped on up to Santa’s, walked up the stairs and sat down on Santa’s knee and said “I want to whisper to you what I want for Christmas.” I made sure my blouse was open so he could see my little titties as he leaned over, with my right hand I felt around until I found his cock and massaged it as I whispered into his ear “I want you to know firstly that I am not wearing any panties and my cunny is dripping wet. Secondly, I know you only cum once a year, so I hope no other little girls want this, I want a hard, thick cock to fill my little cunny with hot cum and then I want to lick and suck it clean.” The whole time I was telling him this I could feel his cock growing and twitching while I massaged it.

Santa asked me to stand up so he could whisper in my ear, when I stood up he slid a finger into my dripping wet cunny and quickened my massaging of his cock. Good thing no one else was around and he whispered, “I’m certain you will get you cunny filled with cum Christmas morning and enjoy licking and sucking a hard thick cock clean as you are such a good little girl.” I could hear the squishing between my legs from Santa fingering my cunny and I suddenly felt twitching from his cock and the wetness spreading through the front of his suit as his cock spewed its hot seed.

I thanked him and skipped down the steps turned and thanked him and he HO, HO, HO’d and said, “Thank You little girl.” I skipped off to find Daddy.