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I work for one of the big cola companies, collecting change and stocking vending machines on a route that takes me from high-rise office buildings to low-track motels. I see a lot of bubbly babes during the course of my carbonated travels, and, like a ship’s captain, I have a special girl in every port of call – a couple of whom I’m actually banging as regularly as the shutter door on my truck. One of the girls is Lola, a busty secretary at a suburban high school. She’s built the way a woman should be built – from the tits out – with huge knockers that she’s not the least bit shy

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The oil lamp gave me a ghostly appearance in the long mirror due to my white-stockinged legs, white satin bloomers and corset, and the white skin of my face and exposed breasts. The only contrast was my brown hair and my small red nipples.

For the first time since I had arrived at the Venus School for Young Ladies some six weeks earlier, I stood in the study of Madame Thackeray, the Principal. Why I was there I wasn’t sure. Somehow I had displeased her while pleasuring young Albert during the evening’s lesson. Now I stood patiently awaiting her, standing beside her desk and looking at my

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We were at our neighbour’s birthday party, Linda and Robert, it was Roberts birthday, my wife Claire had been there early on helping Linda to get things ready.

As both me and Robert were working, Claire is 5ft 7, 36b, shoulder length red hair, green eyes, and slight freckles small upturned nose and very kissable lips, and Oh such a lovely ass, with legs that seem to go on forever, I am 6ft, and about 14 stone, Linda is the same size as Claire with long light brown hair blue eyes.

Robert is also 6ft about 15 or 16 stone, there were about 10 or 12 of us at this party with lots of drink,

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My name is cutiee and this is a story about my first time. This happened 2 years back with my cousin. I am from India and he is my brother in law. When we were kids our parents and other cousins used to tease us that they would get us married once we become adults. That made both of us very shy so.. We never talked much when we were kids.. But 2 years back he (Rahul) came to India for his sister’s wedding and we chatted for a while on the first day of wedding ceremony. On the second day I was asked to get some clothes, from our house near the wedding venue.. Rahul was asked to take me to my

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One day at night heard doorbell, went open and it’s my sexy hot neighbor. She 36 yrs old, 5’3” with size DD and asses. She got tons body and nice curvy body! It’s 10pm at night. She was wearing dress. Hi I said what can I help u with? Can I come in she ask sure I said. I close the door and I only got my short on n shirtless. You want to sit, I took her to living room n sat down. Your husband know you here, no she replied. I just lonely and I been checking you out she said. Hmmm really what you like bout me I ask. Handsome and sexy she said. You want beer or something to drink I ask. Su

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I am Lucky, from Delhi, working a job in decent company. I was working a corporate job at Delhi since 2016 (around 2 years) but still My earning was very limited So I was thinking about earning some extra money. So I decided to do some extra work which can help me to make money and have fun also. I decided to be a Male Masseur and provide Body Massage Only to Ladies in Delhi at their home as well as Call Boy (PLAYBOY).

But that was not so easy and I had no idea about how to start the journey, I went to several Spas But not succeeded.. So I posted several classified and ads about My services

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